Collect E-mail Addresses from Linkedin

Eyemail finds e-mail addresses from
Linkedin search results.

How does Eyemail work?

Dead Simple:


Search profiles on Linkedin with or without Linkedin Sales Navigator and target your audience.


Eyemail matches the results from your search with its database and returns the e-mail addresses to you.

A powerful chrome extension

The Eyemail Chrome Extension will allow you to look-up e-mail addresses straight from a single Linkedin user.

Next to single user look-ups, search results from the standard Linkedin search and Sales Navigator search can be tracked down with Eyemail.

Want to know more?

Two places with more relevant info:


Tutorials on how to find, contact and automate prospects from Linkedin for Sales and Recruitment.

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Free stuff

Sneak peek on how you can earn free credits on Eyemail by using the Eyemail Exchange functionality.

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